Mind & Bodywork Therapy

Float, Fly, Flow


“Water has a perfect memory and it’s always trying to get back to where it was”

Toni Morrison

welcome to surrender

Body, Mind & Soul Experiences

Somatic Aquatic methodology that provides tools for movement, massage sessions and conscious movement in (warm) WATER.
For self-knowledge, therapeutic and aquatic bodywork.


Liquid-O Bodywork
Liquid-O 4 Babies
Liquid-O Pregnancy
Liquid-O Fascia

Cellular, Muscular, Neuronal

Some health benefits:

~ Muscle relaxation
~ Relief from joint pain and tension
~ Emotional rebalancing
~ Rebalancing bioenergy flows
~ Decreased anxiety
~ Decreased chronic physical pain and emotional pain
~ Structural rebalancing of emotions
~ Improved sleep patterns
~ Improved breathing patterns
~ Strengthening of the immune system
~~~ And many others ~~~



  • Babies/ Children  — 70€
  • 1 Person  — 90€
  • Couples  — 160€
  • 3 Sessions  — 245€
  • 5 Sessions  — 385€
  • 10 Sessions  —  700€


People with vertigo, schizophrenia and under chemotherapy treatments will not be able to receive any session.

Enjoy every cell

Dive into Yourself for a better state of mind.

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water”

Loran Eisley

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